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Childhood and Noiseless Teaspoons

A dear family friend is in town this week, visiting with my mom.  She has known me the entirety of my life and has been unconditional in her love for me and my own little family. My first tea memories are with this lovely Canadian woman who […]


Loose Leaf Autumn Tea

Being a sufferer of Seasonal Affective Disorder, I have spent many years in dread of autumn and her brief gray days.  Several years ago I implemented a handful of practices which helped shift my focus from impending doom, as the days grew shorter and shorter, to moments […]


Happy Anniversary (& what a difference a year can make)!

One year ago today I was in the midst of a “soft opening” at my incredible shoppe called Mimi’s Teas in Fircrest, Washington.  I was gratified people were curious about the shoppe and interested in my wares.  Friends had sent cards and flowers of congratulations and the […]


We are now serving hot tea!

Come on in and try any of our loose leaf teas on the shelf. Take your tea on the go! Ask any questions that you might have. Want to learn the proper temperature, steep times and preparation for any of our teas–just ask! Your first cup is […]


Preparing for Spring

Preparing for Spring

As the daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, and tulips are welcoming Springtime, so are we at Mimi’s Teas with a variety of full bouquet teas.  Two new choices come to mind.  The first is a beautiful Sencha green tea with cherry and rose flavoring; the other is a black […]

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