Loose Leaf Autumn Tea

Being a sufferer of Seasonal Affective Disorder, I have spent many years in dread of autumn and her brief gray days.  Several years ago I implemented a handful of practices which helped shift my focus from impending doom, as the days grew shorter and shorter, to moments I actually look forward to.  My most favorite routines include tea.

Long before opening Mimi’s Teas I had a love for the process of preparing tea.  I had space in my office at work with an electric tea kettle and a cupboard stocked with an ample selection of loose leaf tea.  While in the midst of my workday, I looked forward to a getting home, lighting candles, and sitting down with a nice cup of tea. I am happy to report the alteration in my focus is complete; autumn, along with her pumpkin, nutty, spicy, rum-buttery seasonal flavors has become a time of great anticipation for my customers AND me!

This year’s collection of Autumn Teas include the yearly favorite Gingerbread rooibos created with a blend of red rooibos, ginger, cinnamon chips, and a bit of vanilla to produce a smooth, comforting cup.  Along with our customary selection of White Chocolate Mint oolong, Pumpkin Spice, Eggnog, and Rum Butter black teas; Pecan Pie and Big Holiday Breakfast rooibos tisanes, we are featuring several new additions.  Not surprisingly, each year there are clear favorites as the jars begin to be emptied while customers, enticed by catchy labels such as Pumpkin Whoopie Pie, Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake, Nuts for Carrots, and Sugar Pie Honey Crunch, make their blissful choices. 

As I write this post, I am sipping a delightfully spicy cup of Pumpkin Pie black tea and appreciating the bright sunshine, blue sky, and brilliant fall colors.  Yes, I am deeply appreciating the day – tomorrow’s forecast is for wind and rain.  Thankfully I will still have this season’s favorite routine of loose leaf autumn tea!

Happy Sipping~