Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014 – Friends of Mimi’s Teas in Fircrest

Halloween 2014 was one of the most fun days since opening the previous May.  Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast was handing out candy and tea samples. There was, of course, the little boy who thought she was an elephant (with a golden handle on his back and pink lid???), but the rest of the day was spent with her maneuvering around the shoppe without breaking anything!

Mrs. Potts first visitor was Mr. Clean who stopped for a photo op and wiped down the shelving.  He spent the remainder of the day at Salon Mosaic, beautifying his clients. Mrs. Potts’ grand-babies, Pumpkin Boy and Iron Maiden stopped by for a visit with their witchy mommy.

All visitors were upstaged by Cyclops, with his wandering eye who took a moment to work on Mimi’s Teas web site before going out to dance the night away! What will you be next year?