Tea Party Ideas & Planning

Want to make that next birthday party or bridal shower really special? A tea party is a great way to celebrate special occasions but can also be a fun change of pace for a neighborhood meet-n-greet or even a girls night out!


Consider having a Mother/Daughter tea party
This is a great way to enjoy Mother’s day or any day really.  Any mother would love spending quality time with her daughter and drinking tea together.  Some teas may even spark old memories of mom’s and daughter’s special times together. The scents of Vanilla or Classic Caramel can be a reminder of baking alongside each other in the kitchen, or Coconut Heaven Tea may help relive a past family vacation at the beach.

Tea parties are an incredible experience for kids.  If you’ve ever noticed your child playing with a miniature tea set and pouring invisible tea for  teddy bears and dolls, surprise her with a real life tea party!  Set the table, steep some caffeine free tea, and invite her friends over for a day of dress up and tea.  The young ones may especially like fruity teas like Hawaiian Paradise or Citrus Smoothie Herbal Blends

Mimi’s Teas White Ginger Orange Peach tea
For a bride to be or mother to be, have a tea party as a bridal shower or baby shower. There are plenty of delicious white teas as delicate and pure as the major upcoming event. You may even find teas that have the same flowers the bride is using in her wedding, such as lavender in Lady Grey Tea or rose petals in Portland Blend tea.

The holidays are also a wonderful time to have a tea party
Catch up with your family and friends and enjoy soul-warming teas like Winter White Chocolate Mint Oolong Tea, Gingerbread Rooibos, and  Rum Butter Black Tea. Have a gift exchange at your holiday tea party and give the gift of healthy teas or a tea sampler gift set.

Tea Party Planning Checklist

Planning a tea party? Here is a brief checklist of things to consider for hosting a memorable event:

Create a guest list and send invitations three or more weeks in advance. In your invitation, specify the time, dress and type of afternoon tea (cream tea, light tea, full tea).
Create your tea menu, include traditional and unique or seasonal teas. Don’t forget the tea sweeteners. Also plan your food menu whether you are having a full meal or just sweet and savory snacks.

  • Choose your décor or theme carefully. If making a floral centerpiece, try to choose flowers whose smell won’t overpower the scent of the teas.
  • Prepare your tea set and place settings. Get out your formal teapots and utensils you plan to use or treat yourself at Mimi’s Teas to a nice new colorful Curve teapot or glass Bola teapot for the special occasion. Have enough tea cups, silverware, and napkins for each guest.
  • Brush up on your tea party etiquette, but don’t fret if you forget which hand to hold the tea cup with. Just remember to have fun!

Mimi’s Teas has everything you need for your tea party, including loose leaf teas, teapots, tea cups, and much more.