We are now serving hot tea!

Come on in and try any of our loose leaf teas on the shelf.

12 oz. hot tea to go

Take your tea on the go! Ask any questions that you might have. Want to learn the proper temperature, steep times and preparation for any of our teas–just ask! Your first cup is on us. We are selling 12 oz. cups at $2.75, and 16 oz. cups at $3.25. Prep-time is just about 5 minutes.

Just some of our great selections:

  • Casablanca (Herbal)
  • English Breakfast (Black)
  • Mimi’s Paris (Black)
  • 12th Man Tea (Green)
  • Monk’s Blend (Black)
  • Pineapple Coconut Tea (Black)
  • Whole Body Support (Herbal)
  • Detoxify Me (Herbal)
  • Citrus Wellness (Herbal)
  • Scottish Breakfast (Black)
  • Earl Grey (Black)