We made the news!

After being open just 9 months, we are honored to be included in an article which ran February 20, 2015 in The News Tribune.

Excerpt from The News Tribune Article

By Sue Kidd
Staff writer
February 20, 2015

It’s true. People here do drink tea. Don’t let that coffee-shop-per-every-block thing fool you.

A recent convert myself, I went looking for places to sit and sip tea and was pleasantly surprised to find a divergent community of tea haunts.

I found places where ladies feast on scones and crustless sandwiches. I encountered tea purveyors carrying 300 varieties of teas, botanicals and tisanes, which are concoctions that don’t actually contain tea, but often are referred to as tea. I found quiet corners to sip, relax and thumb through a book.

My goal here is to introduce you to places where you can simply enjoy a cup of tea…

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